Adorable – Dumb Ways to Die

Apparently this ad comes from Australia for Metro Trains Melbourne and the song is the handiwork of Tangerine Kitty. It’s like if you took away the shock value of Happy Tree Friends and just made it adorable. And it’s even informative!

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Instructional – How to eat corn on the cob like a champ

I wonder why I hadn’t thought of this yet.

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Art – Timelapse China by zweizwei

This is not your standard timelapse video. The image quality is phenomenal and should be watched in HD to get the full effect.

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Mashup – The Hobbit meets Adventure Time

Adventure Time cut on top of The Hobbit Trailer audio. What more do I need to say?

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Animation – Digital Zelda

A single-take digital animation paying homage to the Hero of Time Link and his favorite pastime, saving Zelda. Even though this is designed on mostly Macs, it’s still pretty spiffy.

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Role Models – Brass Knuckles vs Spider

It starts a little slow, but this showdown plays out beautifully. And he adheres to the double-tap rule.


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Tasty Jams – Nosaj Thing “Eclipse/Blue”

Maybe now we are back.

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Trashed Idea – Fotoplayer

This rivals the cat piano for best instrument. Apparently these were used during the silent film era for music and sound effects.

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Animation – Shanghai Batman

Holy crap. It’s Batman set in Champloo’s setting with animation like Avatar and Afro Samurai. How does something this awesome exist and how is Cartoon Network responsible?

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Your Aww for the day – Bulldog vs Sleep

Going down for the count.

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Mash Up – Baby Got Back Cinema Edition

Thanks to Brit for the find. Turn on captions for Movie titles. This is the by-product of our unemployment issues.


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Your WTF for the day – The Tug Toner

Thanks to long time reader Rieddhi for the find. Jimmy Kimmel predicts the next big thing in workout accessories.


Wikipedia: Digital Interactive Systems Corporation (or DISCover) is a company specializing in gaming technology for PCs. They are the creators of the DISCover technology which allow PC games to be played like a video game console. ?

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Your WTF for the day – Little Baby’s Ice Cream

What is happening in this commercial? Why is it called Little Baby’s Ice Cream? It’s not little babies. It’s Little Baby’s. Who’s baby?! These two commercials are actual ads for a shop in PA.

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Role Model – 1981 Olympic Athlete Paul Hunt

It takes a whole lotta courage and a whole lotta balls to do what this guy does. How he managed to fit all of it into that unitard is beyond me.

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Fact Check – It ain’t cheap being Batman


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Role Model – Krispy Kreme

This is pretty terrible for many reasons. Good luck getting through it.

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WTF for the day – Safe Sex for Seniors


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Coming to an end

Trashed Ideas will be closing shop June 6th. Mainly because I’m too cheap to renew web-hosting, and also because while I do catch an awesome video that I share every now and then, the traffic has been dying down and and I don’t put as much time into this as I would like in order to maintain it. So I will be posting a ton these next few days, a lot of back-logged awesome. Hopefully you get to see it, otherwise you can catch it on FB.

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Viral – Spandy Andy

I want to believe this is just a one-time stunt but he calls himself Spandy Andy so I highly doubt it. Curious to see what a white guy who can dance in a sparkly speedo looks like? No? Well 3 million views means some people are curious.

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Your WTF for the day – Condom experiments

I can’t believe what I just saw. Seriously. This is not NSFW, meaning you can watch it whenever. And it gets absurd. Just watch. Thanks to Dani for the find.

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