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Tasty Jams – Iiro Rantala New Trio

Saw this video sometime last year, stumbled upon it again and decided to give it a post. Very unique jazz group with a bad-ass beatboxer. It takes a minute to get going really good so be patient.

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Tasty Jams – Horse Outside

Starts off slow but doesn’t take long for this weird Irish rap by Rubber Bandits to kick in. NSFW for language but let’s be honest, horse is the superior transportation method.

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Tasty Jams – “Swallow” by Crystal Fighters

A crazy and disorienting music video that very effectively captures the feeling of being swallowed up in booze and alcoholism set to some electronica jams. Swallow by Crystal Fighters from Tobias Stretch on Vimeo.

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Tasty Jams – “Last Leaf” by OK Go

More stop motion greatness by OK Go. A laser cutter and thousands of pieces of toast. OK Go | Myspace Music Videos

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