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Role Model – Mayor uses tank to crush car

In an admitted publicity stunt, the mayor of a Lithuania town used his power to set an example of the type of high-class shenanigans he would no longer tolerate. To prove his point, he crushed a car using a tank … Continue reading

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Trashed Idea – Pussy Drink

Since Bawls energy drink made such a big splash (HA!) I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that someone would take a female counterpart and turn that into an energy drink too. Enter Pussy Natural Energy. This is real and can … Continue reading

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Commercial – Damned Ponies

Clearly looking to bank on winning the approval of the internet through ponies and absurdity, this french commercial from Nissan is pretty awesome. I watched this the first time without subtitles to see if I could make out what was … Continue reading

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Web Short – TF2 IRL

Any of you who have played Team Fortress 2 will enjoy this. And for those who haven’t: what’s wrong with you? It’s free to play on Steam! Get on that!

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Role Model – Yo Yo Champion

Every year some video gets released that highlights someone’s insane ability with a Yo Yo. Here is this years.

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Tasty Jams – One Man Jazz Band

Short and sweet jazz beat-boxing. Really enjoyable.

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Trashed Idea – The Andover Song

Not that anyone really needs a reason to hate a prep school more, these kids clearly spent way too much time and effort into justifying their school. I’d be impressed if any of you made it halfway through this.

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Web Short – Wizard

5-Second Films have been around for a while and are fun in that they require very little time and brain power to enjoy. They have been stepping up their game with celebrity involvement, my favorite of which features Patton Oswalt. … Continue reading

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Your WTF for the day – Eating Dirt in the South

There hasn’t been something this racist since dirt was invented as an edible food source.

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Trashed Idea – Mushroom Death Suit

Take a look at the picture. Just linger on it a minute. Just for a sec. Then read this: The Mushroom Death Suit by artist Jae Rhim Lee is a body suit laced with flesh-eating mushroom spores that is designed … Continue reading

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3D – Overtime

While I think this is a heart-warming if not creepy tribute to Jim Henson, I’m not sure how I feel about the medium. Jim Henson was the puppet master and brought all of his creations to life without the use … Continue reading

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Trailer – The Last Circus

Spanish film about people who become clowns to prevent themselves from becoming serial killers. I recently watched “It” so I was inspired to make this post about the movie called “The Last Circus”. Be sure to look out for the … Continue reading

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Your WTF for the day – Redneck Tattoo Removal (NSFW)

You’ve all heard jokes about someone doing something like this but this man commits. Larry Schofield decides to get his ex wife’s name removed with an air grinder at a towing company. This is really hard to watch, so be … Continue reading

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Tasty Jams – Alice in Musicland

This is the first I’ve heard of Vocaloid and I must say it is impressive what they managed to do with it. If you are a fan of cute things, chibi, Alice in Wonderland, musicals, Asian music or if you … Continue reading

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Trashed Idea – DIY Vagina Cupcake (NSFW)

I haven’t even watched this video. The title alone made this entry worthy to be posted. I imagine it is NSFW as you will see scrumptious vaginas in your face.

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Role Model – Stupid Kitty (NSFW)

One man sings a NSFW South Park-esque song about what it’s like to be a stupid kitty. This will pick up your day no matter how you are feeling.

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