Haxorz got us

Ok, well I’ll give “The Mast3r” and crew props for a successful hack (even though they probably just copied someone else’s PHP exploit). Actually I think it’s kinda cool that there are still hacker groups running around, causing havoc to unassuming websites. It truly brings me back to the late 90’s. Honestly I’m not bothered or disturbed by the fact we got hacked, but I am both bothered and disturbed that it had to be these guys:

The “mast3r HaCkerZ”? really? honestly guys it doesn’t matter how much you know about programing, computers or hacking. You will never have respect with names so lame and icons so emo.

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2 Responses to Haxorz got us

  1. maiden53 says:

    I got hacked the same time you did. I am just a mom and want to publish pics for my family. How did you get yours fixed? Thank you for your time

    • Battle Mage says:

      We had to do a file restore. I had to contact my web host and they provided a backup copy of my wordpress folder. Unfortunately they lied on their screen and did delete all the files in that folder. Hopefully your Hosts have some backups you can use.

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