Role Models – Alabama Teacher

So an Alabama teacher recently used shooting the president as an example in a Geometry class. Some students say he was agreeing with a fellow students example and running with it. I know it’s not the first time phrases like this have been used and I can see that the media is sensationalizing the whole ordeal, but it does show a clear lack of judgment for a teacher to continue along with that train of thought. More here.

The Jefferson County teacher who used as an example the shooting of President Barack Obama while teaching lines and angles to his geometry class has been placed on paid administrative leave and faces possible termination, Superintendent Phil Hammonds said today.

Hammonds said his office has been flooded with phone calls from all over the nation since The Birmingham News reported that Corner High School geometry teacher Gregory Harrison used the assassination example while teaching. The calls were mainly from people who were upset because the school district had taken no action against the teacher.

The teacher was questioned by Birmingham’s Secret Service office, but was released without federal charges after officials there found he wasn’t a viable threat to security.

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