Pimp That Site – Crab Revenge!

This wonderful submission comes from reader Rieddhi. So often I find I get fed up with people, but I’m too passive to ever do anything about it. Enter the cruelest passive aggressive revenge act to date: Crab Revenge! From the site:

Quality revenge is hard to come by these days but we have a method that is so insulting and disgusting that you should never wish it on anyone never mind actually go and do it and we dont encourage you to. All we do encourage you to do is give us money and we will send you a package in the mail with tiny, purple dots in it… those are crabs, and they need only be sprinkled on the bedding or clothing of the one you once loved the most to ensure he/she sufferers the fullest wrath of those genital lice.

Based in the UK, they offer three packages ranging from $20-$40 though all costs shown in pounds and not dollars. They do deliver to the US and the eggs can be stored for up to 160 days in a freezer. Buy yours today!

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