Spy Vs. Pyro – TF2 Cartoon

So I realize many of you aren’t big gamers and therefore would be unfamiliar with the characters in this cartoon. This an online first person shooter called Team Fortress 2 that is class based. Each class had different abilities and perks. Spies can obviously look like other people, carry knives for stabbing people in the back, and overall mischief. Pyros are the flame-wielding beacons of annihilation you generally see in the front lines laying down the law. There are other classes: a scout, demolitions, sniper, heavy arms, soldier, etc. and you will even see some characters from other Valve games like Gordon Freeman.The animation quality pays tribute to classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons while also tracing some influence from Ren & Stimpy and the video games themselves. It’s a bit long but overall enjoyable. Be warned, many animation posts to come in the next week.

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