Role Models – Identical Twins Ryan and Dave

I myself have a set of identical brothers in my family. While they aren’t as identical as during their teenage years, people still often enough mistake the two. Certain groups of people often feel there is a powerful, spiritual and often times psychic link between identical twins.

Ryan and Dave felt that way, and felt their bond could be expressed best through body modification, which is pretty neat. So what do they do? Well, after thinking about it for about a year, they decided to go through with two projects. The first, taking the middle joint from Dave’s ring finger and putting it on as an extension to Ryan’s finger. Thus:



Pretty extreme, right? Well that wasn’t enough for them. Now they’ve added a new modification that tops just about anything I’ve seen on people.

That is Dave’s arm surgically attached to Ryan’s body. This was all done behind closed doors, but damned if that isn’t creepy as hell.

Here is an interview with the brothers.

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  1. Leah Adams says:

    This is an April Fool’s joke from 11 years ago.

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