Your WTF for the day – Miss Pregnant Beauty Pageant

Not to be one-upped by our neighbors in Hungary, a radio station out in Houston, TX decided they were going to host their own beauty pageant, with of course a twist. Their twist being the contestant had to be prego. I don’t doubt there were some term requirements and such. Just strange stuff.


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3 Responses to Your WTF for the day – Miss Pregnant Beauty Pageant

  1. Brit Butler says:

    This is without a doubt the worst idea I’ve ever seen on this site. Not just because it shouldn’t happen. And not because I’m against pregnant women being considered to have beautiful qualities. Mostly because I’m making the stereotyped judgement that no matter how good natured and laid back everyone was at the show, some serious drama occurred later. C’mon. That many justifiably, uncontrollably hormonal women being judged about their beauty? BAD CALL.

  2. cory says:

    i think its a great idea to hold a pregnant beauty contest to let these pregnant women still feel beautiful while being pregnant because some of them devolop self esteem problems with weight gain or just the fact that their bellies are getting bigger so kudos for you for helping them feel beautiful cuz in my eyes they are all winners

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