Your WTF for the day – U2 Spiderman Musical

I wish I could make these things up, but it turns out the world is much more inventive than I first gave it credit for. U2 believes they are fully prepared to produce a broadway showing of Spiderman. They have stated that Spiderman himself will not sing, as if that somehow saves face. The director is Julie Taymor of Across the Universe fame. They apparently are introducing new characters to the Spiderman cannon, as if there weren’t enough to choose from, and are penning about 50-60 songs. Doubtful they will use all of them, but this is just trash. It’s set for a 2010 release. More details here, or Google it yourself.

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One Response to Your WTF for the day – U2 Spiderman Musical

  1. Brit Butler says:

    Bwah. Bwaha. Bwahaha. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! AH AH AH AHHAHAHAHAH! This is absurd, hilarious, ridiculous, brilliant. I have no words. I’m speechless, blown away, bereft of thought. I don’t even know how I feel!

    So funny…Bono…faggotry. This really will be trash. Wait…consensus is in. Hate.

    It was good seeing you Sunday. You should come over this week. Teresa and I both would love to see you. Thursday night perhaps?

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