So I found a website called Dream Lines. It’s a rather neat project that I stumbled upon today. If I were to take a mildly educated guess, I would say the basic function of it takes any one phrase that you type. It takes this subject and searches for images of it. I’m not sure which engine they use but my guess would be Google. Once it finds images, it takes a sketch rendering program that is compatible with Java and renders out the images from the search. It does this very slowly and very sketchlike.

The weird thing is it cycles through multiple images, so while one is being sketched and built, it will suddenly switch to another image, which at the beginning, also is just being started. This creates that dream-like aesthetic that I think the developers were going for and, in my opinion, nailed. So as a word of warning, some of the images take some time to get the final product, and it does have quite the load time. But I think it’s another neat concept and even has some artistic value that I think hasn’t really been seen in recent technological break-throughs.

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