Because Internet Neutrality is important

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A friend of mine named Alexa posted this and I found it highly informative & at the same time irritating. It’s a small snippet on the going-ons of the largest ISP providers and their attempts to lobby away the Internet Neutrality. What does this mean to you? It means keeping the internet free reign. It means keeping ISPs from providing better service to those who pay them more, rather than just providing the internet. It means smaller sites & ad-funded sites are going to run dramatically slower, since people don’t want to have to pay for what should be free. It’s frustrating to realize companies do this to begin with, much less feel almost powerless to stop it. People are too apathetic in today’s age to stop thing kind of fraud. Please take the time to click the Take Action, fill out the information, even if you don’t fill it out honestly, just so we can put a stop to this kind of junk.

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