Long week

So it’s been a looong week and it’s only going to drag out farther. I spent my weekend staying busy. I went down to my father’s for food and to greet Aaron when he got back from Michigan. He finished up with a 13 hour drive, so he was pretty exhausted. Then I drove up to see Dana and her roommates. I do enjoy their company and think they are a phenomenal group. There was a run-in with their neighbors that eventually lead to name calling and angry tones. Wasn’t very awesome.

Saturday I woke up early and headed to Savannah to see my mom. We went shopping where she bought me a few shirts and pants for work and a “Where the Wild Things Are” shirt, which I don’t think she realized just how excited I was when she picked it. I am only getting more and more excited about this movie. I don’t care if it sucks. I want to watch it.

We went to eat at a really nice restaurant called The Pink House. My mom knows a bunch of the city because she is a tour guide. She drives the horse carriages around the town for a living, which I think she really does enjoy. She likes new people and is a very friendly person. Wish I could be a little more like that. At the Pink House they served us crispy fried lobster. I didn’t know this could be done and it tastes delicious. A very different and appealing taste from steamed lobster. I had their salmon which was really good.

After this we headed to a place called the Smiling Pianos, which was a bar that revolved around two guys entertaining with pianos. They were given suggestions from the crowd, with tips per suggestion. At one point there was a “battle” for which song to play. They made an easy $100 for two songs, so they do really well. They also got the crowd involved for some of the songs, like Hokie Pokie. I really liked it and will go back there again on my next visit.

Sunday we went out to eat and stopped by a wilderness exhibit. They had an amazing wolf exhibit. There was a group of about 7 of them. Only one of them was out but he came up really close. He was about the size of a Great Dane and looked like he could be bigger. It was pretty amazing. After this I left for home, where I saw my dad again and stopped by my sisters before rolling back home by 12AM.

Work has been good. We had some big wigs in the office yesterday for a meeting but that went well. Now I’m trying to clean up our depot area which is a mess. Matt and I figured out our new apartment number, which happens to be the one we don’t want. Ah well. We move this Friday and Saturday. If you live in Sandy Springs-ish area and want to help, let me know. I haven’t begun packing yet. I figure I’ll do it Friday or Saturday. I’m lazy this time.

Diablo II is still fun, after all these years. We are currently working through Act 3 on normal and our teams are pretty stacked at this point. I’ve broken level 25 now and feel pretty confident in our party. Haven’t picked up a new FPS yet though. Still waiting on group consensus. I have considered getting a shared server for a FPS of choice. Suggestions? Let me know.

I am seeing my sister and co. tonight. Should be fun. Started reading Beyond Good and Evil while I was in Savannah. I got through the first section, which surprised me. I didn’t think I would plow through it, but all he was doing was philosophy bashing. I want to hear structured argument, not rants. Most people I talk to don’t care for Nietzsche. I think he can be fun and insightful, when taken lightly.

I think that’s all I got for now. I have a few things I think I will be ready to roll out for the website here in just another month or so. Should be fun. Take care.

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