After the fact…

So it’s been a minute since my last update.  I do, in fact, have a good reason. This weekend was moving weekend. While I could have updated throughout, I doubt very seriously anything I had to say was worth while. It was a long and painful Saturday, starting the moving process at 10:00AM and finally winding down to sleep at 2:30AM.

It’s a little-known fact that I have a bit of OCD. Not enough to warrant medication, I believe, but whenever I move I feel a need to get everything in it’s place before I call it a night. We managed to get everything in the house by 12:00AM and I started working on my room. It’s all pretty much done, and I was delighted to find the people before us hadn’t turned off their cable yet, so our cable modem hooked right up and went online. Not something you find normally on a move. Usually you are without internet for a couple of days, if you are lazy and had to wait until the day of moving to find out what your apartment number is.

Other than that everything is normal. Nothing got broken on the move, surprisingly. I am about to send my 360 off to get fixed. Drum set is all put together, so I have to get cranking at learning the drums now too. It’s been an otherwise dull week. I haven’t moved on my projects for the website, really. I like that I have a routine again. Even if it’s not an ideal one, I have one at least. We are going to have to pay our pet deposit this time, and pet rent. I hate that crap. Oh well.

So I’m back to being poor again. I did manage to spend over $500 this weekend and not overdraw, which is a good thing, but man am I broke. No Kindle for me, which is probably good. I need to save up money. I keep telling myself that, one day I will believe it. Managed to find a lot of new music, which is really entertaining. That’s all I got today.

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