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Good day sir. This post begins and ends with Good day sir. So I’m back. Back in the sense that I am at least writing again. My spirits have been lifted as of late. I got to do some amazing things these past weeks and I haven’t been happier in a while. All sort of spur of the moment, but awesome none-the-less. Where to start?

My motivation to get myself a drum set is back. That was set on by a miraculous adventure I randomly decided to take. April 29th had been an average Wednesday. Unfulfilling, uninteresting, and overall drab. I did nothing note-worthy at work and came home to an empty apartment, my roommate being at work until the wee hours and my dog down at my father’s for some play time with other animals, a venture I am confident my dog enjoys more than my own company. I wasn’t sleep deprived, but for some reason, having decided there was nothing truly desirable to do at my house after watching cartoons for 5 hours, I was unable to sleep. It was 2:45AM and I was slowly dragging towards a rough day at work as I tried desperately to tell myself sleep is what I needed and I needed it then.

But then an overwhelming feeling of urgency surged through me. I needed to get away. Scheming began, and as so often happens, late night scheming led me to thinking of visiting my friend Heather in Oklahoma. I texted her, not really expecting a response, much less a “Sure come visit this weekend.” Much to my surprise this is exactly what I got. I went in to work the next morning, sat with my boss and told him I was feeling very unfocused at work and needed some time to just set things straight. I alluded more towards family issues, but other than that I feel it was honestly the truth. He gave me the OK, I finished up some work,  went home, packed up, left a note for my roommate (stating I was “Headed to Oklahoma for a haircut. Be back Sunday” )and was out on the road by 11:30AM.

As soon as I hit the road, I found that peace I had been yearning for. The entire 12 hour drive was relaxing, even as I reached the last hour, which is usually the most strenuous. I arrived to a gleeful Heather and her roommate Hope. The weekend was spent with no real plans intended. I got to see her church, meet some of her friends, and just spend time with her, which is all I really needed. The highlight of the weekend had to be the spontaneous camping trip. We went to Wal-Mart, bought all the supplies we needed, including a tarp which we strung over our tent in case of rain, a watermelon, two coconuts, a pineapple, and a cantelope. We ended up camping and not getting soaked, despite the outrageous storm that blew over us during the night. To my surprise Heather slept through it all.

I left Sunday and came home. Saw my family, felt refreshed for work and to take on life anew. I had recently been dealing with a few temptations and the break from it all was just what I needed to refocus myself. I feel impervious to life right now. The week went on with small happenings. I went bowling with Anna Breedlove, my sister Dana and my brother Aaron on Thursday, which was a blast. This past weekend was spent at the Ren Fest (read Nerd Fest). I managed to escape without the purchase of a weapon, but I did spend entirely too much money on a hat.

After that, it was off to Anna Breedlove’s birthday bash. I must confess it feels wonderful to be able to be friends with Anna again. For those that don’t know, Anna and I had some history. Anna and I hooked up for a week or so secretly while she was dating Craig. This, of course, ended in tragedy. I foresaw such events and tried to warn Anna, tried warning her that I would pull away and things wouldn’t be the same, and it wasn’t until we were caught in her bed that she realized what I had meant. We didn’t talk for almost 2 years after this, but she became my sister’s roommate, and we both managed to overcome the fear and paranoia that had set in. Of course, my story during that time is far different from hers, but alas, here we are today. She is definitely one of my more cherished friends at this point.

Tomorrow I get to go to a chicken plant for the first time. That should be quite the experience, and then this weekend I am headed to Florida for my buddy Jon Dunn’s bachelor party. Again, quite the experience. I’ve never truly participated in a bachelor party before, so this should be interesting. I must confess I am not one for strippers/strip clubs, so hopefully no one will be so fool-hardy.

Nerd Note: VPN sucks. Sucks donkey balls. I have been trying to get a local printer setup via IP to print through a VPN connection. Google has failed me in advising such an endeavor, with many proclaiming, “It’s a security risk!!! You can get fired if your IT finds out you are trying!!!” You know what? Screw that. I am IT and I say if you manage to get it working, I will pat you on the back. I know there are workarounds, like setting up a print server, or setting up your printer with the WAN IP, or using a bluetooth enabled printer or something ridiculous like that, but that’s all junk. VPN. You are the STD ridden whore of Amsterdam’s red light district. You are the soil from which the ugly tree was born. You are the half-ply of toilet paper. You are my bane. And. I. LOATHE YOU.

Had to get that out. Work has been exceptional lately. Floating on by with more work than I can handle, but who’s to complain about a job? On a plus note, I did hit my $2000 marker by May, albeit only for 3 days, I did manage to save up enough for it. Stupid car insurance payments. Been gaming here and there. Resident Evil 5 is quite enjoyable, have given up entirely on Street Fighter 4, still play some Super Smash, and have gotten into some Left 4 Dead. Anyone who wants to add me (3sexy style), my account is Chaotic Buthead spelled in that manner. Microsoft apparently has problems with the word butt and almost all variations of the word. I am the one and only chaotic butthead, and the world will come to recognize and fear that name.

*random dance partay*

I am going to trying to go back to church. It’s something that has been on my agenda for a while now, just hard to find the motivation to try and connect with people who don’t quite see humor in the same light as me. I know my off color humor is more residual of a Kevin Smith meets Mapplethorpe/Dali slasher flick, but I think it works for the most part. Maybe I think too highly of myself to compare to those artists, but you know what? You’re a gay space butt pirate hooker robot. And we will leave it at that.

Not much else to report. It felt good to write though. Now I really have enjoyed writing and keeping this thing alive, and I would definitely update more if I felt comfortable updating at work, but my apartment has an empty feeling whenever I get on the internet. Strange, I know, but I swear that’s how it feels. So that’s why it’s been hard for me to write. I find the motivation in a place I’m not supposed to update, and vice versa. C’est la vie. Not much else to report with. So I leave you now with a bit of wisdom I picked up on the ether.

In the words of Mark De’Freur IV,
“God is good, God is great.
But God doesn’t stop a date-rape.”

Good day sir.

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