Link free rant?! Could it be?!

Probably not. Give me a minute to find something worth watching. Anywho, this weekend was absolutely crazy. CRAZY. Friday I hung out with Dana and her roomies, as I have done the past couple of weekends, and it was fun, but for some reason I couldn’t get to sleep. I was up all night until SusieQ needed a ride in the morning to work. I drove her to work and just got on with my day from there. Ended up spending some of the day with Brit, having the most fun in gaming I’ve had in a really long time. Seriously, I haven’t laughed and screamed that much since high school. Thank you Brit. (Hate Fei Long)

Then my friend Heathbar came in town from Arkansas. Well technically Oklahoma. She moved a while back, but I have a hard time accepting that. Anyways, hung out with her all night. Ended up going to Loca Luna for an old high school friend’s surprise birthday, which is a salsa club in Atlanta. First time I’ve been and likely won’t ever go again, not my scene. But I did manage to run into my brother Javid, which was pretty surreal. Well, after we got back, Heathbar and everyone wanted to pull an all-nighter, so coffee was made, etc. but everyone decided to go to bed and I was stuck awake all night. So that’s two nights in a row of no sleep. Drove Heathbar to the airport in the morning and got home and went to bed FINALLY.

Slept from 8AM to 2PM, woke up to snow, which was again, pretty surreal. Well, I tried to get more sleep and spent the rest of the day in bed, but couldn’t sleep. Even once night came around, couldn’t get back to sleep. So I went to work with about 6 hours of sleep in 72 hours. Suprisingly, I was still pretty good for the day. However, today I’m feeling very sluggish, which is why I probably don’t have awesome random internets to post. Or do I???

That’s Obama supporting comic books. For realz. Not a photoshop.

I’ve read a few reviews of Watchmen so far, and the uber-geeks are a little dissappointed, but some are being very down-to-earth about it. If you expect the exact same thing, especially in character development, then you are going to be disappointed. There is no way a movie could translate it that accurately. Give them some leeway. I still believe Watchmen will outdo Dark Knight.

So something I don’t talk about much on here are religious beliefs, and this is probably coming entirely out of left field. It used to be such a big thing for me, and if someone were to, say, go back to my old Xanga and read half the rants I had, they would definitely know I was extremely passionate about it. It’s something I am getting heavily back into recently. And pretty soon I will start ranting about it again.

I leave you with a Silent Bat-Man film, rather THE Silent Bat-Man film. Yay for randoms.

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  1. Brit Butler says:


    I’m going to see Watchmen tomorrow afternoon if you’re interested in coming. Probably with Ben, Neil, and Teresa. I hope you had a good time last night. I definitely enjoyed your being there. Also, I’ll look forward to hearing more about your religious views here because I’m too lazy to dig through your Xanga at moment. Later.

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