The internets will never cease to amaze me

A few cool links today. First off, check your stomach at the door. This one did a number on my appetite. This might be why you are fat. Some of the foods posted there are just flat out ridiculous, even for my stomach of pure fast food torture.

Awesome stop motion video by Rex the Dog.

Adam Savage, of certain Mythbusters fame, shares his passion for prop making and tells the story of his Doo-Doo bird skeleton and the Maltese Falcon. I post this merely because I love how passionate he is about everything he does. I wish I was that passionate.

I’ve been getting annoyed with Pandora. I like the Weakerthans, and have a station for them, but over half the songs are Postal Service and Death cab for Cutie, which might as well be the same freaking band, and I am not a fan of either. There has got to be more bands that something in common with the Weakerthans. Ah well, it’s a free service, what are you gonna do?

My sister managed to break the laptop I gave her, so I am going to have to rebuild that this weekend. Joy. At least I won’t feel guilty about putting XP on it this time. Or maybe i should throw in some Linux. I do believe I still have someone’s install/instructions for a custom linux build. She might only be a little mad, I’m sure. I think it would do her some good getting to know some CL.

I’ve been hanging with Dana and her crew a bit lately. Anna Breedlove, whom I love and enjoy her company thoroughly, and I have finally been getting back to being friends after two years of awkward tension, due to both of us being entirely too awkward for any such situations to ever resolve themselves in the sense of normalcy. Then there is my sister dear, who can not seem to avoid trouble, especially with the black and blue. We get along quite well now. Greg lives with them still, and Greg and I are getting past most of our (read: MY) awkward tension from living together. I think he hated me, but then again I thought everyone at 1818 hated me for the longest time, and it’s not like I was wrong, but I am extremely paranoid so the point might be null. And then comes SusieQ. SusieQ fascinates me. Not quite in an attracted sense. I’m not looking for any relationships really. But she still amazes me. We have many similar qualities, yet some very differing views on the world and how we go about interactions. I got to hear her sing last night in public and it reminded very much of my friend Heather, whom I suspect hates me now, and I believe this one is more than paranoia. I don’t know if I like that Susie reminds me of her. I don’t think I do. Bad memories.

All my recent shopping items have made it into my possession. I’ve already watched the Fisher King, and will again this weekend. I haven’t been getting nearly enough sleep lately. I’ve watched 15 movies in the past two weeks. I should probably give it a rest at some point. Maybe one day. My buddy Dave came up last week. We gamed. I felt guilty for how uneventful I was that day, but I think we had some fun. I’ve been a little crazy lately. I suppose that’s OK. To some degree. You know, it’s been two months, and I still haven’t really talked about how I feel about what happened between Kelli and I. I hope to one day be able to put it into writing. Beyond single sentence bull.

Lastly, some new music. Pedro the Lion, Band of Horses, Maximo Park, Model K, Leroy Bell, Mute Math, and two classics, Decemberists and Tapes ‘n’ Tapes.

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