So I guess I can come back to life

And with life, a few new things.

I found a neat website that I think is a very cool social experiment called We Feel Fine. It involves taking blogs from around the world, using some creative programming to pinpoint different characteristics of people, and searches for the phrase “I feel” and begins to categorize these phrases. It’s pretty awesome and something I do find myself truly intrigued by it. It’s a project that, while somewhat invading, is also pretty genuine and honest. The man behind this, Jonathan Harris, has also started another project, a little less intriguing to me as it’s mostly news-based, called Universe.

Also, I’ve been getting into some new music. The Prids, Myriad, Ratatat, Ghostland Observatory, Cool Hand Luke, MGMT, El Ten Eleven, and Longwave just to name a few. I’ve always been an avid fan of Pandora, but I’ve just now started using it as a musical discovery device.

I’ve been impulse shopping lately. Lovecraft, A shack of shrubbery, Human Document, the King of Fishers, a country in South America, best romance in a while, and a few apparel related items.

I’ve determined I’m going to pick up a new hobby as well. I am currently saving up money to buy myself a drum set. I have my dirty jew of a friend Justin helping me pick a set out and at the same time giving me some lessons. Yay for new hobbies.

I suppose there isn’t much else. I’ve tried to be more social as of late. Brit, sir, I am sorry for my lack of calling/hanging out. I promise you are still on the list of people I hang out with. I’ve just got to get off my bum. I suppose that’s all. For too long I have been self-concious of what I write on this site. I wanted this site to have more of a public appeal to it. However, I have to accept I don’t have anything the general populus wants, so I am going to turn this into my own personal diary, as I have been yearning for a place to vent lately. So expect random tangents and retarded junk abound good people.

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  1. Brit Butler says:


    It’s good to see you posting again. For the record, I think that having a blog that caters to it’s audience doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you’re doing it professionally or you have a really fucking big audience. And if you already have said audience you must be doing something right, so why cater to them? Long story short, all of the above things sound like good decisions to me. I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch either. There’s been some recent chaos that I’ll tell you about in person but between school and that I’ve been distracted. Teresa is sick at moment and I’m swamped with work but that should lighten up some over the next week or two. Plus, I have the Killzone 2 demo and I think you might actually dig it. I don’t know about Justin and SSB tourneys either. I’ll try to get back to you soon.

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