Tasty Jams – Chicken Fried Lady

As many of you know, I love me some chicken. And while this song doesn’t come close to beating the former anthem, I am in support of any ridiculous videos that share some chicken love.



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2 responses to “Tasty Jams – Chicken Fried Lady”

  1. Kevin Cortez Avatar


    I love this.

  2. Brit Butler Avatar

    I know I don’t comment enough…but this NEEDED a comment. Also, I doth protest. Not as good? NOT AS GOOD? (think Zoolander’s “One look? ONE LOOK?”).

    Let’s see how many *Frisky Dingo-level awesome* one-liner/quotables I can pull out from that 2 minutes:
    “Never thought I’d find a lover good enough to eat.” — Oh God…
    “Holy shit.” — Yes, this by itself. In the second chorus. Brilliant.
    “I’m allergic to biscuits.” — Totally priceless and very well timed.
    “Because the only difference between K-F-C and F-U-C-K…is U.” — I think I just pooped maself.

    This totally beats love my chicken. Sorry. 🙂

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