Role Model – 1981 Olympic Athlete Paul Hunt

It takes a whole lotta courage and a whole lotta balls to do what this guy does. How he managed to fit all of it into that unitard is beyond me.

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Fact Check – It ain’t cheap being Batman


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Role Model – Krispy Kreme

This is pretty terrible for many reasons. Good luck getting through it.

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WTF for the day – Safe Sex for Seniors


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Coming to an end

Trashed Ideas will be closing shop June 6th. Mainly because I’m too cheap to renew web-hosting, and also because while I do catch an awesome video that I share every now and then, the traffic has been dying down and and I don’t put as much time into this as I would like in order to maintain it. So I will be posting a ton these next few days, a lot of back-logged awesome. Hopefully you get to see it, otherwise you can catch it on FB.

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Viral – Spandy Andy

I want to believe this is just a one-time stunt but he calls himself Spandy Andy so I highly doubt it. Curious to see what a white guy who can dance in a sparkly speedo looks like? No? Well 3 million views means some people are curious.

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Your WTF for the day – Condom experiments

I can’t believe what I just saw. Seriously. This is not NSFW, meaning you can watch it whenever. And it gets absurd. Just watch. Thanks to Dani for the find.

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Tasty Jams – Pictures of your @#!% (NSFW)

Rachel Bloom is responsible for the @#$^ Me, Ray Bradbury video I posted some time ago. This heartbreaking song is about breaking up. And also very NSFW.

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Stop Motion – Fresh Guacamole

Apparently Showtime does shorts? This wonderful stop-motion short takes every day items (grenades are definitely for every day use) and creates a deceptively delicious looking guacamole.

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Tasty Jams – Ukulele cover of Shaft

What is about ukuleles that are just so awesome? I don’t know. But this cover of Shaft is quite excellent. My favorite part is the when the camera pans to the only black guy in the audience of about 500 people.

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Commercial – New Dell Campaign

Dell’s new ad campaign follows the vein of psuedo-intellectuals using technology to create amazing things, much like this. Just give it a little time to get in. Probably NSFW.

Clayton Sotos – Visual Innovators from Visual Innovators on Vimeo.

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Role Model – George Takei’s Happy Dance

George Takei is awesome. Normally I wouldn’t make you listen to LMAO for any reason but I mean come on. It’s George Takei doing a happy dance. Plus, he’s sexy and he knows it.

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Rant – Best Rant of 2012

This man was upset about being harassed by a police officer for using colorful language in a park. I’m not condoning what he did but his rant to Mark Sidrine (spelling?), the arresting officer, is inspiring and surprisingly safe for work.

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Role Models – Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

Hopefully every knows the Dueling Banjos song and doesn’t immediately associate it to a purty mouth but even if you do you will still enjoy this video. These three boys (the 3rd doesn’t come in frame until well into the video) make up the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys and are more talented than you. I promise.

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Nonsense – Skeletons having sex on a tin roof

I’m not saying you have to watch this. In fact, it is my recommendation that you do not. But I would be remiss if I were to not post this particularly awful video on Trashed. It just belongs. For those brave enough to venture forward, I can at least give you the comforting knowledge that the music is at least enjoyable and there are no lyrics.

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Your WTF for the day – Reese’s Pieces Love Child

From the people who created the absurd and NSFW Skittle commercial comes their slightly less NSFW take on Reese’s Pieces. Still ridiculous.

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Viral – It’s a snap! (NSFW)

This ad for the Central Institute of Technology uses some awesome teleportation to highlight all the awesome things the college offers. Too bad teleporting is not an exact science. Not for the squeamish.


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Your WTF for the day – Wheelclamped (NSFW)

Phil Zimmerman is known for making weird videos. I’ve posted one of his previously though I haven’t the heart to force you to watch more than one of his videos at a time so I won’t link it. But this video… I don’t know how to describe it honestly. It’s got bad music in the background, he’s rambling on about wheelclamped things and such… Just uh…


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3D – Loom

Spiders are creepy to me. 3D in-your-face terrifying spiders are even worse. It gets kind of abstract toward the end but this video is not for anyone who is already scared of arachnids.

Loom from Polynoid on Vimeo.

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3D – Kara

Kara is a real-time demo by Quantic Dream, the game developers behind Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy. I highly recommend watching this for anyone who appreciates wonderful animation. Their games may not be for everyone but this one-shot story is breath-taking.

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